Byron Bay Brewery Tour

Byron Bay Brewery Tour

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With brewing more accessible to the masses, curiosity about its process has also risen. Brewery tours in different towns are nothing new but still definitely offer a unique experience. As seen in the uptick of local and international tourists looking for these types of tours.

Byron Bay is home to several famous breweries, including Stone and Wood Brewery and Wandana Brewing Co., to name a couple. Both breweries offer a look and taste into the Byron Bay way of life – surfing, hiking, and sharing a beer with friends.

If you’re visiting Byron Bay and looking for a cool and interesting tour to take with your friends, consider booking a Byron Bay brewery tour or a Byron Bay winery tour. To help you decide here are a few things you can expect.

What Can You Expect In A Byron Bay Beer Tour?

Brewery tours are a great way to learn more about Australia’s developing craft beer industry. A Byron Bay brewery tour will give you the opportunity to have an in-depth beer experience and a closer look at how beers and wines are made, and this will give you a new level of appreciation for your favourite drink.

A brewery tour starts with your local tour guide and your tourmates at a central pick up location near the first of usually three to four breweries in your itinerary. Having a dedicated tour guide will help you learn all about Byron Bay’s history, local food culture, and even lesser known sights you and your friends might want to check out. 

When you arrive at the brewery, you’ll get an overview of the brewery’s production processes and machinery, with the opportunity to ask brewers questions about the brewing process, the different ingredients, and how to best enjoy it alone or with friends.

There are lots of brewery tours in Byron Bay, including the Stone and Wood brewery tour Byron Bay. It’s famous for its tasting room where you can enjoy five different beers from their core range, limited releases and current Pilot Batch beers featuring weird and wonderful ingredients. It’s also the perfect Instagram place with its “village brewery” set-up. 

Sounds like it’s up your alley?

If you’re looking to know more about your favourite beer or just up for some educational fun and day drinking with other beer enthusiasts, book a Byron Bay brewery tour toda

Cookie’s Tips for Brewery Tour Visitors

Before embarking on your first (or fifth) Byron Bay brewery tour, here are some tips from your local tour guide: 

Be prepared to learn.

Breweries and distilleries are not your usual tourist spot. Usually, they’re dismissed as just an excuse to have a session while you’re on holiday. That’s not truly the case. If you’re looking for a plain and easy drinking session, you might end up disappointed with the tour.

This is because (1) the tasting paddle is always served at the end of the tour and (2) the emphasis of these types of tours is in the historical and educational impact on its participants. 

Indulge all your senses.

When tasting craft beer, use all your senses. First, observe your beer’s color, texture, and the amount of amount and speed of the bubbles that are rising to the surface. Take a deep sniff, notice the different notes of flavor in your beer. You’d be surprised with what you’ll find!

Lastly, take you time tasting it. Hold the beer in your mouth for a bit before swallowing then think about the flavors you tasted.

Now that’s something you don’t do everyday at a local kickback!

Eat before the tour.

Full-day tours offer lunch as part of the package but half-day tours usually don’t. If you’re off for a long walk and a gin tasting at the end of the tour, it’s just best to make sure that you don’t do it on an empty stomach.

Drinking beer is a great experience, you just have to be prepared for it. So, don’t forget to eat your breakfast!


Cookie’s Tours offers brewery tours in Byron Bay, curated by local tour guide and owner, Adam Cook. This tour is customised and tailored based on participants’ preferences. 

With us, you’ll experience the Byron Hinterland’s majestic beauty, a seasonal lunch from one of our favourite eateries (full day tours only) and oodles of local insight. You may also combine brewery tours with gin and Byron Bay wine tours according to your liking!

Our brewery tour packages



*You may purchase souvenirs and bottles of beer at the end of every distillery visit. Little tip: Be sure to ask for samples first! 


Book quickly and get instant confirmation to your chosen package and date.

Worried about unforeseen changes in your itinerary? Don’t be! Bookings cancelled outside 48 hours prior to booking start time will be issued a full refund

Adam Cook (Cookie) is a trusted 3-in-1 guide. He’s been guiding tourists in Byron Bay for years! He’s a driver, a travel agent, and a tour guide. With his local knowledge and experience, he’ll make sure to make your tour one-of-a-kind.

If you want to maximise your day, you’re in for a treat. Gin distillery tours can be combined with brewery tours! Other tours may also be customised based on your preferences.

Cookie Tours offer an end-to-end tourist experience. From the airport to your accommodation, to your tour, and back, we have private cars ready to safely bring you from one destination to another.

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